The Charter

To bring forth and encourage the hidden talents of every individual at IIMB spanning across a variety of arts like movies and photography.


In a business school, it is a day to day issue with mostly the classes handling the issues on management and business scenarios. In such a case, the students will most likely begin to get confined within the walls of the business environment. However, life at IIM Bangalore is not just restricted to studies and different courses. There are a number of activities that make the students more enthusiastic and help in all round development, while bringing out the hidden talents in them. One such club is Dress Circle. Dress Circle is the film and photography club of IIM Bangalore. The club formally obtained the status of an independent club in 2005 and has since gone on an upward curve bringing out new events. Apart from the regular movie screenings, the club tries to tap the talents of individuals in some areas which people pursue as hobbies like movie-making, photography, and many more. All-round development has been the motto of every individual at IIM Bangalore and Dress Circle aims to provide the same.


The DRESS CIRCLE consists of
Ø  Five Senior Coordinators (PGP2 or second/senior year FPM students)
Applications are invited for post of Senior Coordinator of Dress Circle. The selection procedure involves submission of a Statement of Purpose (SOP), and 1 - 2 rounds of interviews, which are conducted by the outgoing Council
Ø  Five Junior Coordinators (PGP1 or first year FPM students)
Selection for the post of Junior Coordinator of Dress Circle is done along with club selections for other clubs during the first term of the academic year. Applications are invited from PGP1 and first year FPM students. The selection procedure involves submission of a Statement of Purpose (SOP), and 2 rounds of interviews, which are conducted by the Council members in term


The Junior Coordinators of the club will be provided with feedback of their activities and participation in the club activities at the end of every month about their performance. In addition, a mid-term review process; somewhat along the lines of those prevalent in other clubs; is conducted for the Junior Coordinators. This review is done around the middle of the second term (before the summer internship placements of the PGP1 batch). Junior Coordinators who do not perform up to expectation are asked to leave the council, and are not allowed to mention having been a Coordinator of Dress Circle in their resume.

This process does not apply to Senior Coordinators because it is expected that they be chosen on the basis of their performance in the first year.


Ø     Facebook Page/Photo blog: Regular updates on Facebook page will be ensured to facilitate online photo competitions and increase the visibility of the club and its online presence.
Ø     Photography workshop: This workshop is for people who are intereseted in learning the art of photography. The workshop will be conducted by professionals and the coordinators of the club, who will be teaching various fundamentals involved in this art.
Ø     Regular Movie Screenings: The movie screening will happen on a regular basis throughout the year. We will explore the possibility of getting movie rental contracts with DVD/VCD portals.
Ø     Photography competitions: Photography competitions will be organized for students and alumni of IIMB.
Ø     Nature trails: These outdoor photography trips will be done in collaboration with Anveshan. The idea is to give exposure to budding photographers with elements of nature while shooting nature.
Ø     Photography exhibitions: Relevant, theme-based photography exhibitions will be planned and executed during the year in collaboration with other clubs on campus.

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